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"We collect old films to archive them for future generations, one film at a time"

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Welcome to Campbell Films 

We are a small American family business, that was started by the father & son. We collect Old Historic Films!  Our  GOAL  is to save old films from the trash heap, and digitize them in HD for future generations. The Son went to film school and the father is passionate about history and assembles the DVD content. The result is why folks comment on the "Quality and Content" of our products.  Although we are not Hollywood, we think that you'll like these Old Historic Films too.

As we collect old historic (16mm) films, we transfer them to the high quality digital format. We have not just Warbirds but Ships, Tanks, Submarines, Army, Navy, and Air Force;  i.e. anything  Military, we also have topics like National Parks, and American Industrial films too.

We give you films with content arranged unlike any one else's.  This is what we pride ourselves on. We provide specially tailored hand-crafted DVD's packed full of entertaining content and you most like will find historical things you have never seen before.

Whether it's Old Historic Newsreels or modern-style documentaries you are after, we have something special here for you.   

​Thanks for your support.