These people are going the extra mile. Great transfers of some old films. Just can't be done better than this! You will like what you get.    Tim

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Here are some DVD's that I'm working on and I'll be adding

these new DVD's to our

product line.  Coming SOON!! 

-That War in Korea
-War Salvage
-War-Yankee Ingenuity
-The Red Flag
-Women of the Marines
-US Coast Guard Stories
-Admiral Nimitz
-USAF Missiles
-Airliner Stories
-Arctic and Antarctic Expedition
-Ford Model "T" and early Autos
-Berlin Airlift
-Canadian Railway
-CBI China Burma India Campaign
-Douglas DC-4, DC-6 and DC-6
-Grand Canyon
-Helicopter Medevac
-Ski Mountain Soldiers
-USN Refueling and Supplying at Sea
-Texas Radar Towers
-Medium Tanks
-F-16 Falcon
-All New Royal Nay Submarines
-Gemini Space Program
-Mercury Space Program
-Ocean Liner Cruise Lines
-Trolley Stories
-Ferry transport Stories
-All New Yosemite with "Fire-falls"
-Japanese Version of the Aleutian War
-USAF Airshows of the past
-ASW 2
-Deep Sea Fishing
-Trout Fishing
-USN Hospital Ships
-Caring for the Wounded
-Model Aircraft
-Submarine Disaster-The Movie

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Just received and watched XB-70 Valkyrie video.  Exceptional!!! Great job piecing together archival footage.  Capativating!   Roger

Here's how;  Just buy any DVD and I'll add this DVD to your order.  Or , simply request a substitute of ANY DVD of your choice.  Easy and Thanks for your support!!

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